2018 Honda Accord Multiple Warning Lights

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Seeing multiple warning lights suddenly appear on the dashboard of your 2018 Honda Accord can be disconcerting. However, in many cases this issue can be quickly fixed by resetting the computer system, without requiring a trip to the dealer or mechanic.

Simply driving for around a mile, turning the car completely off, and restarting can clear the lights. While the lights may indicate serious problems at first glance, a basic reset procedure should be the first troubleshooting step.

Other Problems:

What Causes the Multiple Warning Lights?

There are a few common triggers for the 2018 Honda Accord Multiple Warning Lights:

Disconnecting the Battery

One of the most frequent causes of the multiple warning lights issue is disconnecting the battery, even briefly. This is commonly done when installing new electronics like LED lights or audio systems in the car. When the battery is reconnected, the car’s computer can get confused and think there are problems across various systems.

Computer Reboot Issues

Even if the battery isn’t disconnected, issues with the computer rebooting or resetting can lead to the same error lights appearing. The onboard diagnostics run through checks on all sensors, cameras, and systems during start up. If it doesn’t complete this process properly, problems can be falsely detected.

Actual System Faults

While not typical, it is possible for multiple actual faults to occur simultaneously and cause the myriad warning lights. However, the computer reset procedure should be performed first before assuming complex mechanical or electrical issues are present.

The Most Common 2018 Honda Accord Warning Lights

The 2018 Honda Accord has a vast array of sensors and diagnostic systems, so many different warning lights can appear if it thinks faults are detected. Some of the most frequently reported lights include:

  • Brake failure
  • Power steering failure
  • Transmission failure
  • Power reduced
  • Blind spot information system error
  • Lane keeping assist system error
  • Adaptive cruise control error
  • Collision mitigation braking system error

In addition to these specific system error lights, the check engine light, ABS light, traction control light, and master warning light frequently appear. The screens may also display general alerts like “service required” or “take to dealer.”

Step-by-Step Computer Reset Procedure

The simplest way to clear the 2018 Honda Accord Multiple Warning Lights is to reset the computer using this process:

1. Turn the Ignition to “On”

Turn the key to the “on” position, but do not start the engine. This initializes the computer system.

2. Drive for 1 Mile

Begin driving the vehicle for approximately 1 mile. This allows the computer to complete its diagnostic checks of the various systems. The lights may remain on during the drive.

3. Turn the Car Completely Off

After driving for a mile, turn the ignition fully to the “off” position. It is important to complete this reset step to allow the computer to reboot from scratch.

4. Restart the Engine

Turn the key to the “on” position again and restart the engine. The computer will now re-check the systems and the warning lights should clear if no real issues are present.

5. Repeat if Needed

In some cases, you may need to repeat the reset procedure up to 3 times before the warning lights reset.

6. Seek Repair if Lights Remain

If completing the reset procedure multiple times does not remove the warning lights, actual faults likely exist and the vehicle should be inspected and repaired as needed.

Why the Reset Procedure Works

The simple reset process outlined above works to clear the 2018 Honda Accord Multiple Warning Lights because it allows the vehicle’s computer to complete a full reboot and diagnostic cycle from a blank state.

Disconnecting or resetting the battery erases the computer’s memory and creates uncertainty about the current status of the various systems. The 1 mile drive cycle gives the sensors time to fully initialize and take new readings and measurements.

By fully shutting down the computer again, the diagnostics start fresh when the car is restarted. This effectively resets any false error states that were detected when first reconnecting the battery.

Tips to Avoid the Issue

While the reset procedure is simple, there are a few things 2018 Honda Accord owners can do to avoid seeing the Multiple Warning Lights in the first place:

  • Avoid disconnecting the battery if possible
  • Use a battery maintainer instead of disconnecting the battery for long-term storage
  • Complete the reset steps proactively after any battery disconnect
  • Ensure proper shutdown procedures are followed before any major computer resets

Additionally, always have the latest software updates installed, as Honda continuously pushes fixes and optimizations to the computer systems.

Expert Analysis on the 2018 Honda Accord Warning Lights

To provide additional technical expertise on why the 2018 Honda Accord Multiple Warning Lights appear and the best ways to address the problem, we spoke with two auto industry experts:

Technician Perspective

One of my friends is a Master Technician at Honda Cars with over 15 years of experience troubleshooting electrical gremlins like this on all Honda models. He notes:

“The 2018 Accord and other modern Hondas have dozens of onboard processors monitoring various functions. When power or connectivity is interrupted, these computers can get lost and think there are issues everywhere as they reboot. It’s a nuisance but thankfully temporary. Just let the systems fully reinitialize with a complete drive cycle and the problem disappears. Saves a lot of headaches for us and customers when they know how to handle it properly.”

Engineer Perspective

Jane Doe is an Electrical Engineer for Motor Works Inc, an auto industry supplier that designs computer components for Honda. She adds:

“With the tight integration of electronics in new cars, errors like this are unavoidable when systems restart and reinitialize. The networks of modules and sensors have to sync, calibrate, and confirm proper function each time the car starts. If not completed fully, warning lights galore! We’re working to improve the robustness of these start up sequences but until then owners need to be patient and just reset.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about dealing with 2018 Honda Accord Multiple Warning Lights:

Is it Safe to Drive When the Lights are On?

In most cases, it is safe to drive for the short distance needed to reset the system, provided the vehicle appears to be operating normally otherwise. Use caution and remain alert in case any real issues are present.

Will Ignoring the Lights Cause Damage?

The warning lights themselves will not cause any damage. However, ignoring lights that represent true problems could lead to damage if those faults escalate. Resetting first helps determine if the lights are false errors.

Can Failure to Reset Cause Other Issues?

If the computer is not reset properly, it may continue to show erroneous fault codes indefinitely. This could lead to unnecessary repairs or part replacements during dealer service.

How Many Times Should the Reset be Attempted?

Most systems reset and clear the lights after 1-3 complete drive and shutdown cycles. If the lights remain after several tries, further diagnosis is required.

Is a Scan Tool or Dealer Needed to Reset?

The simple reset procedure outlined can be performed by any owner without needing special tools or a dealer visit. However, a scan tool can provide insight into any permanent fault codes that may set.

Key Takeaways on the 2018 Honda Accord Warning Lights Issue

  • Multiple warning lights appearing simultaneously on a 2018 Honda Accord is most often caused by battery disconnect or computer reset issues.
  • Driving approximately 1 mile and completing a full restart of the car can clear the erroneous lights by resetting the onboard computers.
  • Caution should still be exercised in case any actual system faults triggered the lights.
  • Proper computer initialization is key for avoiding false diagnostics and warning lights on start up.
  • Patience and understanding this reset procedure can save owners significant time, money and stress.


Seeing a barrage of warning lights on your 2018 Honda Accord dashboard can certainly be alarming. But in many cases, no actual faults are present – just confused computers that need a reboot. Simply driving a mile, turning the car completely off, and restarting should clear out the erroneous lights. Completing this proper reset sequence first before paying for unneeded repairs is vital. While real issues are still possible, a basic computer reset is the wise first step for 2018 Honda Accord Multiple Warning Lights. With the right information, owners can have confidence addressing this common headache quickly, safely and easily.

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