No Sound from Your Honda Accord’s AUX Input? Here’s How to Fix It

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The auxiliary or aux input allows you to connect portable media devices to your car’s stereo. It gives you the freedom to play music from gadgets not supported by the factory head unit. An aux port comes standard in newer Accord models. For older versions, owners often add an aftermarket aux jack.

Unfortunately, the auxiliary input stops working suddenly in many Accords. You might see the aux mode disappear from the audio menu. Or music cuts out unexpectedly when streaming via the aux port.

Troubleshooting and repairing a defective aux input in your Honda Accord can seem daunting. But this guide will walk you through various solutions to try at home. With some basic tools and mechanical skills, you can often fix your aux issue without an expensive trip to the dealership.

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Common Causes of Aux Problems in Honda Accord

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Before jumping into troubleshooting, it helps to understand what commonly causes aux input failure in the Accords:

Faulty aux jack

The physical jack where you plug in your device can malfunction. Issues like broken solder joints, damaged pins, and wear over time can prevent proper aux connectivity.

Wiring problems

Faults in the wiring between the aux jack and car stereo can disrupt the audio signal. Fraying, disconnects, short circuits, and more can cause problems.

Software glitches

On newer Accords, software bugs in the audio system firmware may block access to the aux input mode. Resetting and updating the head unit programming may help.

Detection failure

Many Accord aux ports have a sensor that detects when an aux cable is inserted. If this sensor malfunctions, the head unit won’t switch to aux mode.

Knowing the potential root causes will help guide your troubleshooting approach. Now let’s look at some DIY steps to try and fix an unresponsive aux port in your Honda Accord.

Troubleshooting Steps for Non-Working Aux Input

Here are some things to try if the aux input in your Accord suddenly stops working:

Inspect the Aux Port and Cables

Step 1: Unplug any cables from the aux jack and inspect the port for damage. Look for broken or bent pins inside the port. Also check for debris, corrosion, or foreign objects blocking the contacts.

Step 2: Inspect your aux cables for damage as well. Try connecting multiple cables to see if one cable specifically is faulty.

Step 3: Firmly plug the aux cable back into the port and wiggle it to ensure a clean connection. If wiggling the cable produces sound, the jack itself is likely faulty.

Reset the Audio System

Step 1: Turn off the car stereo and disconnect the battery for 30 seconds to reset the audio components.

Step 2: Reconnect the battery and check if the aux input is working again in your Accord. Sometimes a basic reset fixes software glitches that block aux detection.

Check for Electrical Shorts

Step 1: Turn the stereo on and wiggle the aux cable while watching for the aux mode to appear. If it flashes momentarily, a short in the wiring could be causing intermittent connection issues.

Step 2: Inspect the wiring between the aux port and head unit. Look for exposed or pinched wires that may be intermittently shorting when driving and disabling aux signal.

Test Aux Port Voltage

Step 1: Use a multimeter to check for 12V power at the tip and ground at the base sleeve of the aux port.

Step 2: If voltage is missing, trace wiring back to find breaks or bad connections causing power loss at the aux jack.

Replace the Aux Jack

Step 1: Remove the vehicle trim around the aux port. This usually involves prying off dash panels with trim tools. Consult a vehicle disassembly manual for model-specific procedures.

Step 2: Unplug the aux jack from the back of the port. Remove any screws or clips securing the jack in place.

Step 3: Install a new aux jack, reconnect wiring, and reinstall trim panels. Test operation before completely reassembling.

Step 4: If replacing the jack does not restore functionality, the issue may be in wiring or the audio system itself.

Attempt Audio System Software Reset

Step 1: Consult your owner’s manual on how to reset your Accord’s audio system. Many models have a reset procedure for the head unit.

Step 2: Follow the steps to perform a soft reset on the car stereo system. If a software bug caused the aux issue, this may resolve it.

Step 3: As an alternative, disconnect the car battery for 15+ minutes to force a hard reset on all audio components.

When to Call a Professional Mechanic

With basic tools and some patience, you can troubleshoot many aux input problems yourself. However, it may be best to hand things over to a professional mechanic if:

  • You lack the tools, skills, or knowledge for electrical troubleshooting and stereo repair
  • Attempting stereo disassembly seems beyond your technical capabilities
  • Replacing parts does not fix the issue, indicating a more complex electrical gremlin
  • You want to avoid the trial and error of DIY troubleshooting and diagnosis

Dealerships and auto electrical specialists can debug tricky, intermittent issues more efficiently. Their expertise and advanced diagnostic tools may uncover faults you cannot detect yourself.

Preventing Future Aux Input Failure

Once you fix your Honda Accord’s aux input, a few tips can help prevent future failure:

  • Avoid straining the aux port: Limit plugging/unplugging cables to reduce wear. Install a Bluetooth adapter to make a wired connection semi-permanent.
  • Check port tightness: Snug aux cable connections avoid vibration that can damage solder joints or pins over time.
  • Update stereo firmware: If available for your model, installing updated firmware may reduce bugs causing aux detection issues.
  • Inspect wiring: Periodically check that aux input wiring is not fraying or chafing against vehicle components.

All Related Concerns:

2003 Honda Accord Cd/Aux Button Not Working

Here are some things to try if the CD/Aux button is not working in a 2003 Honda Accord:

  • Make sure there is no CD in the CD player. The Aux input will not work if there is a CD inserted.
  • Check the fuse for the audio system and make sure it is not blown. The fuse may need to be replaced.
  • Try pressing the CD/Aux button multiple times. Sometimes cycling through the modes can get it to work if it’s stuck.
  • Make sure the cable being used for the Aux input is fully inserted and secure. Wiggle the connection or try a different cable.
  • As a last resort, there could be an issue with the audio unit itself that may require professional repair/replacement.

Aux Not Working In 2010 Honda Accord

Here are some tips for getting Aux input working in a 2010 Honda Accord:

  • Make sure the cable is fully plugged into the jack. Wiggle the connection to ensure it’s making good contact.
  • Try adjusting the volume on your device and on the car stereo. Start low and increase gradually.
  • Check that the Aux source is selected on the car stereo. Press the CD/Aux button multiple times to cycle through.
  • Check the owner’s manual and make sure Aux input mode is enabled. There may be a setting to turn it on/off.
  • Update the stereo firmware. Honda issued an update to fix Aux issues for some 2010 models.
  • As a last resort, the jack itself may be faulty and need replacement. An automotive technician can diagnose.

2013 Honda Accord Aux Not Working

Here are some troubleshooting tips for getting Aux input working on a 2013 Honda Accord:

  • Make sure the stereo is actually in Aux mode. Press the “CD/AUX” button repeatedly to cycle through the modes.
  • Try unplugging the device, turning stereo off/on, and reconnecting device. This resets the connection.
  • Check that volume on the device and car stereo are turned up. Start low and increase gradually.
  • Inspect the headphone jack for damage or broken pins. Use a different cable if possible.
  • Ensure cable is fully inserted into jack. Wiggle and reconnect to get a good connection.
  • Check owner’s manual and make sure Aux input mode is enabled on the stereo.
  • Try disconnecting battery for a few minutes to do a hard reset on the audio system.
  • If all else fails, there may be an internal issue requiring professional repair.

2009 Honda Accord Aux Port Not Working

Here are some steps to try if the auxiliary input port is not working on a 2009 Honda Accord:

  • Make sure there is no CD loaded in the stereo. The Aux port will not work if a disc is loaded.
  • Inspect the Aux port for any debris, damage or bent pins. Clean out carefully with compressed air if needed.
  • Try connecting another audio device using a different Aux cable. Rule out a bad cable or device.
  • Adjust volume on stereo and device. Start low and increase gradually to find right level.
  • Press CD/AUX button multiple times to cycle through modes. Make sure it engages Aux mode.
  • Check stereo settings and owner’s manual. Aux input mode may need to be enabled in settings.
  • Reset stereo by disconnecting car battery cables for 5 mins to reboot system.
  • If issue persists, there may be an internal stereo malfunction requiring professional repair.

2012 Honda Accord Aux Not Working

Here are some troubleshooting tips for getting auxiliary input working on a 2012 Honda Accord:

  • Make sure the stereo is switched to AUX mode by pressing the CD/AUX button.
  • Try turning the car stereo off and on again to reset the connection.
  • Check that the auxiliary cable is securely plugged into the jack. Wiggle the connection or try a different cable.
  • Inspect the AUX jack for damage, broken pins, or debris. Clean out carefully with compressed air.
  • Adjust the volume on both the stereo and your device. Start low and increase gradually.
  • Consult your owner’s manual – aux input mode may need to be enabled in the stereo settings.
  • Try doing a factory reset on the car stereo by disconnecting the battery cables for 5 minutes.
  • If the issue persists, there may be an internal fault with the aux jack wiring. Seek professional repair.

Honda Jazz Aux Not Working?

Here are some tips to troubleshoot and fix an aux input not working on a Honda Jazz:

  • Make sure the stereo is in “Auxiliary” mode – press the CD/AUX button repeatedly to cycle through modes.
  • Inspect the aux port for any debris or damage. Clean it out carefully with compressed air.
  • Try connecting another device with a different aux cable. This helps determine if the issue is with the cable.
  • Wiggle, unplug and reconnect the aux cable to get a good solid connection.
  • Check the volume on your device and car stereo. Turn up both gradually to get the right level.
  • Refer to car manual – aux input mode may need to be enabled in the stereo settings.
  • Do a factory reset on the stereo by disconnecting car battery for 5 minutes.
  • Update the stereo firmware if available. Software bugs may cause aux issues.
  • As a last resort, have the stereo inspected by an experienced technician for any internal faults.

Why did my aux randomly stop working?

If your car’s aux input was working previously but suddenly stopped, here are some potential causes:

  • The aux cord got damaged or frayed – Inspect your aux cord for any cuts, exposed wiring or bent connector pins. A damaged aux cord can cause connectivity problems.
  • The stereo’s aux input is dirty – Aux ports can collect dust, lint and debris over time which interrupts the connection. Clean the port with compressed air.
  • There is a loose wiring connection – Vibration from driving can cause aux input wiring in your car’s dashboard to come loose. This might need repair by a auto stereo shop.
  • The stereo head unit is faulty – If neither your phone nor aux device work with the aux input, the car stereo itself could have developed a technical malfunction.
  • You inadvertently switched audio sources – Make sure your car stereo is still set to the correct aux input and didn’t get switched to Bluetooth, radio or CD mode.

Why is my aux not working on my Iphone?

Here are some troubleshooting tips if your iPhone’s aux connection to your car is not working:

  • Check that the aux cord is properly inserted into your phone’s headphone jack. Make sure it is plugged all the way in.
  • Try a different aux cord, the one you’re using could be damaged.
  • Check for debris/lint in your phone’s headphone jack and use canned air to clean it out.
  • Make sure your phone’s audio output is set to your headphone jack and not Bluetooth.
  • Toggle your phone’s mute switch on and off.
  • Check the aux input settings on your car stereo, it may need to be switched to the aux mode.
  • Your car’s aux input could be faulty. Try your phone with another aux input or stereo to test.
  • Your iPhone software may need updating if the aux was previously working.

How do I clean the aux port in my car?

Here are some tips for cleaning your car’s aux input port:

  • First, inspect the port for any obvious debris like lint or dust built up inside.
  • Use a can of compressed air, held upside down at a 45 degree angle, to spray out any loose particles.
  • If compressed air alone doesn’t work, use a non-conductive item like a wooden or plastic toothpick to gently dislodge any stuck debris. Do not use metal tools to avoid damaging the port.
  • You can also use an electronic contact cleaner spray or an alcohol-soaked cotton swab to help clean the port contacts without damaging anything.
  • For stubborn debris stuck deeper in the port, a thin rigid plastic dental pick can help gently access and dislodge it. Take care not to scratch the contacts.
  • Always let the port fully dry before reconnecting anything after cleaning. Make sure no cotton, lint or liquid remains inside.

What does the CD aux button mean?

The “CD” or “AUX” button found on many car stereo head units is used to switch the audio input source over to the auxiliary input jack. When you have a device like a phone connected to the aux port, pressing this button tells the stereo to take the audio signal from the aux input rather than the radio tuner, CD player or Bluetooth.

The audio from the connected device will then be played through the car speakers while that mode is selected. “CD” is likely labeled this way because the aux input replaces the CD player input in many models, but it really just means auxiliary.

What year did Honda Accord get aux?

The auxiliary audio input jack was first introduced as a standard feature on Honda Accord models in 2008.

Prior to 2008, the aux input was not available on the base Honda Accord LX trim. Higher EX and EX-L trims sometimes had the aux input as an option beginning in the early 2000s.

So in summary:

  • 2001-2007: Aux input not standard, sometimes optional on higher trims
  • 2008+: Aux input jack standard on all new Honda Accord models.

Where is the Honda Accord aux input?

The location of the auxiliary audio input jack has varied in Honda Accord models over the years:

  • In older 2000s models, it is often found on the front panel of the center dashboard stereo unit.
  • In later 2000s and early 2010s models, it may be located inside the center console storage compartment.
  • In newer Honda Accords from 2013-2021, it is located inside the center armrest storage compartment.
  • On some models it is labeled with an AUX logo next to the jack, or a headphone icon.
  • The owner’s manual should indicate where Honda located the aux input in your specific Accord model year.
  • If you cannot locate it, consult your owner’s manual or an authorized Honda dealer for assistance.

How To Use Aux In 2008 Honda Accord?

Here are the steps to use the auxiliary input in a 2008 Honda Accord:

  1. Locate the auxiliary jack. It is usually below the center console box next to the shift lever.
  2. Turn on your car stereo system and press the CD/AUX button repeatedly until “Aux Input” mode appears on the display.
  3. Connect one end of the 3.5mm auxiliary cable to the headphone jack on your audio device.
  4. Connect the other end of the cable to the auxiliary input jack in your Accord. Make sure it is fully inserted.
  5. Turn on your portable audio device and start playing music. Adjust the volume on your device to around 75%.
  6. Slowly increase the car stereo volume until you reach a comfortable listening level. You may need to play with both volume controls to balance the audio.
  7. You should now hear your device playing through the Accord’s speaker system while using the car stereo controls.


Like any electronic component, aux inputs can spontaneously stop working in your Honda Accord. But in many cases, some DIY troubleshooting techniques can get your aux port functioning again without expensive repairs. The key tips outlined in this article should help you efficiently diagnose and fix a non-working auxiliary input jack. With a functioning aux port, you can resume streaming your favorite playlists from any device while driving your Accord.

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