The 15 Most Common Honda Accord Problems You Should Know About

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The Honda Accord is overall an excellent and reliable vehicle. However, it is not without some common problems that owners should be aware of. In this comprehensive guide, I draw on my 20 years of experience working on Hondas to overview the top 15 issues, from minor nuisances to major mechanical failures. Read on to learn what to watch out for if you own or are considering an Accord.

Honda Accord Common Problems

Estimated Cost
Faulty Ignition Switch
Difficulty starting, stalling, no power to lights/electronics
Replace faulty ignition switch with OEM Honda part
$250 + labor
Uncomfortable Front Seats
Insufficient lumbar, thigh, side bolstering support
Test drive for comfort, consider upgrading to higher trim with adjustable leather seats, use lumbar support cushion
Transmission Failure
Slipping, hesitation, leaks, complete failure
Inspect transmission service history, address issues immediately, replacement reman transmissions cost over $3,000 installed
Excessive Oil Consumption
Increased oil consumption between changes
Regularly check and top up oil, consider engine repairs if consumption exceeds 1 quart every 1,000 miles
Airbag System Faults
Airbag warning light, deployment issues
Diagnose and repair as needed, costs vary from clock spring contact replacement to entire airbag assembly replacement at $1,000 or more
Premature Brake Pad Wear
Front brake pad wear requiring frequent replacement
Monitor pad thickness, maintain ABS system, budget for more frequent brake work
Weak Batteries
Difficulty starting, electronic memory issues
Proactively replace battery every 3-4 years, use maintenance charger during long periods of inactivity, test and recharge annually
Starter Failure
Slow/difficult cranking, grinding noise
Replace starter motor as soon as problems arise, quality remanufactured Honda starters cost between $500-700
$500-$700 + labor
Rodent Nesting Damage
Electrical shorts, fires due to wire damage
Inspect wiring for damage, apply rodent repellents, take preventive measures if car will be parked for extended periods
Paint Peeling
Clear coat peeling, paint delamination
Garage the car, use a quality breathable cover for outside parking, wax paint frequently, repainting an entire car starts around $4,000
LED Daytime Running Light Failure
Premature failure due to voltage fluctuations
Check for extended warranty options, verify replacement cost
Power Steering Problems
Stiff steering, difficulty turning
Address under new car factory powertrain warranty if possible, replacement rack assembly alone runs almost $800 in parts
Navigation System Faults
“Disc error” messages, nonfunctional navigation
Replace DVD drive laser or entire OEM navigation unit, consider plug-in Apple CarPlay or Android Auto system as an alternative
Noisy Door Speakers
Distorted, buzzing sound
Replace both front speakers with aftermarket component set, prices range from $100 to $200 including professional installation
$100-$200 + labor
Exhaust Silencer Rust Out
Premature rust causing loud drone in cabin
Replace compromised silencer section with OEM or high-flow aftermarket intermediate pipe for around $150-250 in parts, address any upstream oxygen sensor faults
$150-$250 + labor

Faulty Ignition Switch

Problem: The ignition switch failing is common in Accords. Symptoms include difficulty starting, stalling, and no power to lights/electronics.

Solution: Replace the faulty ignition switch. Parts cost around $250, and it takes a couple of hours to work. Purchase an OEM Honda replacement part for reliability.

Uncomfortable Front Seats

Problem: Many owners report the front seats being uncomfortable on long drives due to insufficient lumbar, thigh, and side bolstering support.

Solution: If possible, test drive the exact Accord trim you’re considering and assess seat comfort. Alternatively, upgrade to a higher EX or Touring trim with more adjustable leather seating. Add a lumbar support cushion if needed.

Transmission Failure

Problem: Automatic transmission failure is notorious for higher mileage Accords. Issues include slipping, hesitation, leaks, and eventually complete failure.

Solution: Closely inspect any vehicle’s transmission service history before purchasing. Immediately address any evidence of problems. Replacement reman transmissions cost over $3,000 to install.

Excessive Oil Consumption

Problem: Some Accords, particularly V6 models, consume excess oil between changes due to worn piston rings, valve seals, etc, allowing oil into the combustion chamber.

Solution: Regularly check the oil level and top up as needed. If consumption exceeds 1 quart every 1,000 miles, engine repairs like ring/seal replacement or rebuild may be required at around $1,200 cost.

Airbag System Faults

Problem: The airbag warning light may illuminate without cause, or bags may fail to deploy properly in a collision. Both situations present safety concerns.

Solution: Have a technician diagnose the exact fault and repair it as needed. Costs range from a simple clock spring contact replacement to an entire airbag assembly replacement at $1,000 or more.

Premature Brake Pad Wear

Problem: Accord owners cite premature front brake pad wear, requiring replacement as often as yearly. This stems primarily from overly sensitive ABS activation and calibration issues.

Solution: Closely monitor pad thickness during routine oil changes/tire rotations. Maintain vigilant ABS system bleeding and fluid flushes to help extend pad life. Budget for more frequent brake work.

Weak Batteries

Problem: Due to internal resistance issues, batteries struggle to provide sufficient power to start the engine or maintain electronic memory.

Solution: Proactively replace the battery every 3-4 years. Use a maintenance charger when the car sits unused for weeks. Test and recharge annually. Quality AGM batteries improve longevity.

Starter Failure

Problem: Like most vehicles, Accord starters can fail, especially on higher mileage models. Symptoms include slow/difficult cranking and grinding noise during start attempts.

Solution: Replace the starter motor as soon as any problems arise. Quality remanufactured Honda starters cost between $500-700 and take 3-4 hours of labor to install. Shop multiple quotes.

Rodent Nesting Damage

Problem: Honda’s soy-based wire insulation actually attracts mice and rats, who then chew through wires for nest-building materials. This can trigger electrical shorts and fires.

Solution: Carefully inspect all wiring for any signs of gnaw damage or nesting materials. Apply commercial rodent repellents to the engine compartment if the car will be parked for extended periods.

Paint Peeling

Problem: Poor quality paint, especially on earlier ninth-generation Accords, experienced clear coat peeling and paint delamination within 5 years. Sun exposure accelerates the damage.

Solution: Always garage the car or invest in a high quality breathable cover for outside parking. Frequently wax paint to aid longevity. Repainting an entire car starts at around $4,000.

LED Daytime Running Light Failure

Problem: The Accord’s front LED strip daytime running lights fail prematurely due to voltage fluctuation issues. Since the integrated assemblies cannot be individually replaced, repairs run $1,000 or more.

Solution: Verify if any extended warranty options could help offset the replacement cost.

Power Steering Problems

Problem: Early tenth generation Accords exhibited stiff steering and difficulty turning due to incorrect grease lubricating the rack and pinion system.

Solution: Immediately address any steering issues under the new car factory powertrain warranty if possible. For out of warranty models, the replacement rack assembly alone runs almost $800 just in parts.

Navigation System Faults

Problem: The DVD-based navigation system can trigger “disc error” messages from either laser or disc failures. This renders navigation nonfunctional.

Solution: Options include replacing just the DVD drive laser at around $500 or the entire OEM navigation unit starting at $900. As an alternative, consider a plug-in Apple CarPlay or Android Auto system with navigation.

Noisy Door Speakers

Problem: The factory door-mounted tweeters and woofers wear out over time, causing distorted and buzzing sounds.

Solution: Replace both front speakers with an aftermarket component set to restore sound quality. Prices range from $100 to $200, including professional installation.

Exhaust Silencer Rust Out

Problem: The Accord’s exhaust intermediate silencer pipe section rusts out prematurely in northern states that heavily salt winter roads. This causes an unpleasant loud drone within the cabin.

Solution: Have the compromised silencer section replaced with an OEM or high-flow aftermarket intermediate pipe for around $150-250 in parts. While resealing exhaust leaks, also address any upstream oxygen sensor faults triggering check engine lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Common Honda Accord Problem?

The most prevalent issue plaguing Accords is transmission failure, with hundreds of customer complaints around 98k miles. Costly repairs exceed $3,000 on average. Carefully vet any vehicle’s maintenance history before purchasing.

Do Honda Accords Have Engine Problems?

Outside of isolated defects, Accords do not suffer widespread engine issues. However problems like excessive oil consumption creating potential engine damage do occur. Always maintain oil levels properly per Honda’s recommendations.

Is The Honda Accord Reliable At High Miles?

Accords can reliably reach 300k+ miles with proper maintenance. However, issues increase beyond 125k miles, so aim to purchase an example with sub-100k mileage when possible. Higher-mile cars present more financial risk.

What Year Honda Accord Is The Best?

The sixth (1998-2002) and seventh (2003-2007) generation Accords are considered the most reliable and trouble-free. These models offer an ideal blend of lower miles, safety, features, and price on the used market currently.

Is The Honda Accord Expensive To Maintain?

On average, maintaining an Accord costs $400 annually. While not excessive, be prepared for some larger repairs like brakes, batteries, and starters around 100k miles. Extended warranties can offset surprise issues.

Final Words

While no vehicle is truly problem-free, I hope this overview better informs Accord owners and shoppers on what to potentially expect. As one of Honda’s top-selling models globally, Accords delivers practicality, efficiency, and driving enjoyment to millions. By selecting the right example and maintaining it diligently, an Accord can provide years of satisfying service. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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