Honda Accord Midsize Sedan IIHS Safety Test 2023

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Honda Accord Midsize Sedan IIHS Safety Test 2023

The 2023 Honda Accord received top honors in a new crash test evaluating rear passenger safety among popular midsize sedans. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) introduced a new type of crash test and found the Accord performed the best in protecting rear seat occupants.

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New IIHS Crash Test Focuses on Rear Passenger Safety

The IIHS implemented a new “moderate overlap front” crash test to better evaluate rear passenger safety in modern vehicles. This test simulates a collision between two vehicles traveling at 40 mph from opposite directions, with 40% overlap of the front portions.

  • The test uses a crash dummy the size of a small woman or 12-year-old child in the rear seat, representing the average rear seat passenger profile.
  • Risk of injury to the head, neck, chest and thighs are measured based on dummy movement and force.
  • Vehicles must properly position the dummy during the crash without “submarining”, where the dummy slides under the seat belt. This can cause internal injuries.
  • Ratings include Good, Acceptable, Marginal and Poor based on injury risk and dummy positioning.

Honda Accord Receives Top “Good” Rating

The IIHS tested six popular midsize sedans in this new crash evaluation. The Honda Accord was the only model to earn the top Good rating for rear passenger safety.

  • The Accord properly secured the dummy in the correct position during the crash.
  • There was no heightened risk of injury to the head, neck, chest or thighs.
  • The seat belts properly controlled the dummy’s motion.

Other Midsize Sedan Results

  • Subaru Outback – Acceptable
  • Nissan Altima – Marginal
  • Toyota Camry – Marginal
  • Hyundai Sonata – Poor
  • Kia K5 – Poor
  • Volkswagen Jetta – Poor

The Outback performed adequately but the dummy experienced some submarining under the belt. The Altima and Camry also had issues with submarining and potential neck injuries.

The Sonata, K5 and Jetta showed high risk of chest and neck injuries, excessive belt forces, and shoulder belts improperly moving toward the neck.

Why Rear Passenger Safety Matters

Protecting rear seat occupants has become increasingly important in newer vehicles. Some key reasons:

  • With front safety improvements, rear passenger injury risk is now higher than front seat in frontal crashes.
  • Advanced front airbags can cause rear occupants to move forward rapidly in a crash.
  • Rear passengers often don’t wear seatbelts properly, increasing injury risk.
  • Children and smaller adults sit in rear, needing specialized protection.

Accord Continues Honda’s Safety Leadership

The 2023 Honda Accord’s performance reinforces Honda’s long-standing reputation as a safety leader. Some examples:

  • 10 Honda models earned 2022 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ rating – more than any other brand
  • Honda Sensing® suite of safety tech available on all models
  • Long-time advocacy of rear seat belt reminders and usage
  • Industry-first driver and front passenger airbags
  • Early adoption of side-impact protection systems

The Accord’s safety excellence, along with its sporty driving dynamics and efficient turbocharged engines, demonstrates why it remains one of America’s best-selling and most-trusted midsize sedans after five decades. Honda’s commitment to safety and innovation continues to set the Accord apart in the highly competitive midsize segment.

Honda Accord Key Specs and Pricing

1.5L Turbo, Honda Sensing, LED lights
Sport styling, paddle shifters
Leather seats, moonroof
Navigation, premium audio
Wi-Fi, heated rear seats

Starting at just over $27,000, the Accord offers an unbeatable combination of safety, performance, comfort and value. With the new IIHS data demonstrating the Accord’s rear passenger protection, buyers can be confident they are getting the safest midsize sedan.


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The Honda Accord has long been a benchmark for safety in its class. The IIHS results confirm the 2023 Accord continues that tradition by leading in protection for rear seat occupants. As midsize sedan buyers consider safety a top priority, the Accord stands out as a smart choice that looks out for passengers both in the front and back.

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