How To Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield?

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How To Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield?

Replacing the windshield on a Honda Accord Touring model can seem daunting, but with the right tools, parts, and some mechanical know-how, it can be done! 🛠️ In this comprehensive DIY guide, I’ll walk you through the complete process step-by-step.😎 From gathering the necessary supplies to taking out the old windshield and installing the new one, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to tackle this project yourself. 💪 So grab your toolbox and let’s get started!

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Gather the Necessary Supplies

Before starting any car repair project, it’s essential to have all the right tools and parts on hand. Here’s what you’ll need to replace the windshield on a Honda Accord Touring:

  • New OEM replacement windshield – Make sure it’s specifically for your car’s make, model, and year. Don’t skimp on quality here! I recommend the PILKINGTON Windshield from AutoZone – it’s an exact fit replacement.
  • Windshield urethane adhesive kit – This special adhesive is crucial for creating a strong, leak-proof seal between the windshield and car frame. I used the Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive and it worked perfectly.
  • Glass suction cups – You’ll need these to maneuver the windshield during removal and installation. I prefer the Astro Pneumaticprofessional-grade suction cups.
  • Glass scraper – To scrape away old urethane adhesive from the car frame.
  • Razor blades – For cutting through the urethane seal. TheStanley razor blade kit comes with extra blades.
  • Protective gear – Safety glasses, gloves, and a mask are a must!
  • Clean rags & isopropyl alcohol – For cleaning the window frame and windshield prior to installation.
  • A helper – An extra set of hands makes the job much easier! 🤝

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary tools and parts, you’re ready to start replacing the windshield.

Remove the Old Windshield

With the right technique, removing the windshield can be straightforward. Here are the key steps:

⛏️Carefully use the glass scraper and razor blades to cut through the old urethane adhesive around the entire windshield perimeter. Take it slowly to avoid cracking the glass. The adhesive seal may be stubborn in some spots, so be patient.

🪟Affix the suction cups to the windshield. Position one near each corner. You’ll use these handles to lift and maneuver the windshield.

😮‍💨With your helper’s assistance, pull firmly on the suction cups to detach and remove the windshield. Move slowly and carefully to avoid injury. Place the old windshield in a safe spot.

🧹 Thoroughly clean the now-exposed window frame to remove any remaining bits of old urethane or debris. This prep work is vital for proper adhesion.

🧴Use isopropyl alcohol and clean rags to sterilize the window frame and the new windshield. This removes oils, dirt and ensures a tight seal.

📐 Inspect the window frame and ensure it’s damage-free. Look for any rust, cracks or irregularities that need repair before continuing.

Once these steps are complete, you’re ready for new windshield installation!

Install the New Replacement Windshield

Here’s how to properly install the new OEM replacement windshield and avoid leaks or fit issues:

🖇️Prep the urethane adhesive according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You’ll apply this around the perimeter of the window frame.

📏Carefully set the new windshield into place and make small adjustments to the positioning. Have your helper hold it while you work.

💪Apply steady even pressure to adhere the windshield to the urethane and create a tight seal around the edges. Don’t rush this crucial step!

🚿Spray the edges with water and check thoroughly for leaks. Seal any drips or gaps with additional urethane adhesive.

🛠️Make final adjustments to the windshield alignment and press firmly to ensure full contact with the urethane seal.

🕑Allow the recommended cure time before driving – usually 2-4 hours. The urethane will reach max strength in 1-2 days.

👍Inspect your work and confirm the new windshield is properly aligned, sealed and leak-free! Enjoy your crystal clear view.

Follow these tips closely and the windshield replacement process will go smoothly. Take your time and don’t be afraid to ask your helper for an extra set of hands whenever needed.

Helpful Removal and Installation Tips

Here are some additional pointers to ensure windshield replacement success:

🔍 Inspect the condition of your car’s window frame – rust, damage or irregularities can compromise the watertight seal.

💧 Never install a windshield in the rain – moisture can interfere with proper urethane curing and bonding.

⚠️ Wear protective gloves when handling urethane – this adhesive can irritate skin and eyes.

🪥 Keep the urethane cartridge tip clean and free of dried adhesive – this ensures smooth, consistent flow.

💡 Apply urethane in a zig-zag pattern around the windshield perimeter for optimal adhesion and sealing.

⏱️ Don’t drive for the recommended urethane cure time – this allows it to fully harden and bond.

😊 Relax and take your time – windshield replacement should not be rushed. Patience pays off!

Lean on these handy tips and the entire replacement process will go more smoothly.

Troubleshooting Common Windshield Installation Issues

Despite your best efforts, here are some common problems that can occur during windshield installation:

Leak Between Windshield and Frame

  • Cause – Improper urethane seal, gaps or clogged adhesive nozzle.
  • Fix – Re-apply urethane around perimeter and use smooth zig-zag motion. Check/clean nozzle tip.

Windshield Won’t Sit Flush with Frame

  • Cause – Frame irregularity, wrong windshield part, or dirt/debris interference.
  • Fix – Refit or get correct windshield. Clean all mating surfaces completely.

Urethane Not Curing Properly

  • Cause – Adhesive expired, off-ratio mixture, or application in wet/cold conditions.
  • Fix – Ensure urethane is fresh and mixed per directions. Apply in warm, dry conditions.

Windshield Is Clouded, Blurry or Distorted

  • Cause – Defective replacement windshield or poor installation/sealing.
  • Fix – Obtain new high-quality OEM windshield and re-install carefully per steps above.

Following the proper replacement procedures will help avoid these issues. But if they occur, this troubleshooting guide will get you back on track. Don’t be afraid to ask an expert for advice.

Maintaining and Protecting Your Replacement Windshield

💎 Once your new windshield is successfully installed, follow these tips to keep it clear and damage-free:

  • 🚫 Avoid slamming doors – the force can crack or chip the glass.
  • 👎 Don’t use scrapers or squeegees on a dry windshield – always wet it first to avoid scratches.
  • 💧 Clean the glass regularly with automotive glass cleaner and a soft cloth.
  • 🚘 Carefully inspect the windshield often while washing or filling your car to spot any new cracks or dings.
  • 🛡️ Consider a windshield protection film – this guards against chips and debris damage.
  • ⛳ Be aware of road hazards like rocks, gravel and debris that made strike the glass.
  • 👷 Have cracks, chips and dings repaired promptly by a qualified auto glass technician to prevent further damage.

With proper care and maintenance, your replacement windshield will stay crystal clear for miles to come! Drive safe!


While replacing a Honda Accord Touring windshield requires time and some mechanical skill, this step-by-step guide gives you the knowledge and confidence to tackle it yourself. 💪 The key is having the right supplies on hand, taking your time, and following the proper procedures for safe, effective removal and installation. 👍 With practice, you can become a DIY windshield replacement expert! This repair will save you money versus paying a shop to do it. Plus you’ll keep your Honda Accord Touring’s cabin clear, quiet, and safe from the elements. 🚗 Now put your new windshield knowledge to work and drive safely!

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