Does the 2004 Honda Accord Have Transmission Problems?

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Transmission troubles plague the 2004 Honda Accord. Data reveals over 200 complaints to the NHTSA about failures, and repair site TrueDelta confirms significantly higher than normal transmission repair rates. The culprit? Mostly the automatic transmission models. Solenoid failures, clutch wear, torque converter issues, and electrical gremlins all contribute. Owners report slipping, rough shifting, odd noises, and some complete transmission failures.

But don’t abandon hope for your temperamental 2004 Accord just yet. With proper maintenance and early intervention, you can prolong the life of the transmission.

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Common Transmission Issues in 2004 Honda Accords

The 2004 Honda Accord was available with either a 4-cylinder or V6 engine, and either a manual or automatic transmission. Most reported transmission problems involve the automatic transmission models. Here are some of the most common issues:

Low Fluid Levels

Low transmission fluid levels can cause shifting problems, slippage, and transmission damage. Fluid leaks are the primary cause of low levels.

Solenoid Failure

Electrical solenoids control fluid pressure and gear shifts. When they fail, transmission problems like slipping and rough shifts occur.

Torque Converter Issues

Problems with the torque converter bearings can cause noises and shuddering. Complete torque converter failure will prevent the transmission from shifting properly.

Clutch Problems

Worn or damaged clutches cause slipping, hesitation, and problems shifting gears. Debris buildup on clutch plates can also cause issues.

Electrical Failures

Electrical issues like blown fuses, bad grounds, and faulty sensors/switches can affect transmission operation.

Transmission Failure Rates in 2004 Accords

To determine if 2004 Honda Accords have transmission problems at an abnormally high rate, we can examine national complaint data:

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received over 200 complaints involving transmission failures in the 2004 Honda Accord.
  • has over 300 complaints regarding transmission problems on 2004 Accords.
  • reports the transmission repair rate for the 2004 Accord is significantly higher than average for sedans in this class.

Based on multiple sources, it’s clear the 2004 Accord does suffer from transmission problems at a higher-than-normal rate compared to similar vehicles.

Identifying Transmission Issues in Your 2004 Accord

If you own a 2004 Honda Accord, here are some symptoms that may indicate transmission problems:

  • Delayed/harsh gear shifts
  • Slipping between gears
  • Unusual noises, especially when shifting
  • Leaks underneath the vehicle
  • Burning smell from underneath
  • Check engine light illuminated
  • Fluid that is very dirty/discolored

Having your Accord inspected as soon as any of these symptoms appear can help prevent further transmission damage.

Repair and Replacement Options

If your 2004 Accord does have transmission problems, here are some repair options to consider:

Fluid Changes

Draining old fluid and replacing it can help extend the life of a failing transmission. Using Honda-approved fluid is best.

Component Replacement

Replacing worn clutches, solenoids, seals, and other components may resolve some transmission issues.

Remanufactured Transmission

For complete transmission failure, a remanufactured unit from a reputable company provides a cost-effective repair option.

New Transmission

For peace of mind, installing a brand new OEM transmission is the best choice, though also the most expensive.

Repair Option
Average Cost
Fluid Change
Component Replacement
Remanufactured Transmission
New OEM Transmission

Maintaining Your 2004 Honda Accord Transmission

To maximize the longevity of your 2004 Honda Accord transmission and minimize the chances of transmission problems:

  1. Use only Honda-recommended transmission fluid and change it regularly.
  2. Keep the transmission fluid level topped off to prevent low fluid operation.
  3. Have the transmission inspected if you notice any warning signs of issues.
  4. Consider a transmission cooler if you tow or haul heavy loads frequently.
  5. Service the transmission regularly and replace filters as specified.
  6. Drive conservatively and avoid aggressive driving habits.

Does the 2004 Honda Accord Have Transmission Problems?

Based on owner complaints, failure rate data, and known transmission issues with the 2004 Honda Accord, it’s clear that this model year does suffer from transmission problems at a higher than normal rate.

If you own a 2004 Accord, be alert for any signs of transmission trouble and have it inspected promptly to identify any issues requiring repair.

For transmission failure, reputable remanufactured or new OEM units are the best repair options to get your Accord back on the road.

With proper maintenance and care, your 2004 Accord’s transmission can still provide many more miles of reliable service. But be prepared to take action at the first sign of problems.

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