Troubleshooting Audio Problems in Honda Accord: Fixing Honda Accord Radio No Sound Issues

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When the speakers in your Honda Accord stop working, it can really put a damper on your drive. Whether you’re trying to listen to music on the radio or make a hands-free call, suddenly losing audio can be alarming. However, in most cases, speaker issues in a Honda Accord can be easily diagnosed and repaired. By methodically checking fuses, wiring, and settings, you can often get your sound back quickly.

In this article, we’ll walk through the major causes of Honda Accord speakers not working and offer step-by-step troubleshooting advice. We’ll cover checking fuses, electrical issues, factory amplifier problems, and radio malfunctions. We’ll also provide tips for isolating front, rear, and subwoofer issues.

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Check the Speaker Fuses

The first thing to check when your Honda Accord speakers stop working is the fuses. Your vehicle has several fuses that protect the audio system, including ones labeled “SPEAKER” or “AMP.” Locate the fuse box (under the dash or hood) and check if any of the relevant fuses are blown. Replacing a bad fuse with a new one of the same amperage may restore power to your speakers.

Some model years to check:

  • 2000 Honda Accord – Check the 7.5 amp SPEAKER fuse in the underhood fuse box
  • 2012 Honda Accord – The radio fuse is in slot 27 in the driver’s under dash fuse box
  • 2017 Honda Accord – Inspect the 7.5 amp SPEAKER and 10 amp AMP fuses

If you replace a fuse and it immediately blows again, you may have a short in the wiring that needs to be addressed. Contact a professional mechanic or stereo installer for assistance diagnosing wiring issues.

Verify Wiring Connections

Another issue to check is loose or damaged wiring. Over time, the wires connecting your Honda Accord head unit, amplifiers, and speakers can become detached or corroded. This can interrupt power and cause audio issues.

  • Inspect the wiring harnesses and connectors leading to each speaker. Make sure they are firmly plugged in and free of corrosion.
  • Try wiggling the wire while listening for sound. If the speaker cuts in and out, you may have a faulty wire.
  • Check places where wiring passes through metal, such as the firewall. The insulation may have worn away, causing a short.

Repairing wiring issues requires crimping, soldering, or replacing worn sections. Consider hiring a professional to ensure lasting results. Properly connecting all wires is key for a functioning Honda Accord audio system.

Test the Factory Amplifier

Many modern Honda Accords use a factory amplifier to boost audio signals and send them to the cabin speakers. If this amplifier fails, it can result in no audio even if the head unit and speakers are working fine. Honda Accord amplifiers are often found under seats or in the trunk.

Start diagnosis by checking the amplifier fuse if one is present. Then disconnect the input and output wires and test them with a multimeter. You should get 12+ volts on the power wires and continuity on the signal wires. If not, there is likely a wiring issue to the amplifier.

If the amplifier has power and good signals, but no outputs, the amp may need replacement. Check for amplifier error codes displayed on the radio. Factory amp issues can be complex, so consider professional diagnosis if needed. Getting the amp fixed or replaced can restore sound to faulty Honda Accord speakers.

Inspect the Head Unit and Settings

The car stereo head unit is the brains of your Honda Accord’s audio system. If it has malfunctioned, it can potentially cause all speakers to stop working. Here are some head unit issues to investigate with your Honda Accord speakers not working:

  • Buttons not working – If the power or volume buttons are unresponsive, there may be an issue with the head unit itself. Try resetting the head unit to factory settings.
  • Needs unlock code – Many Hondas will lock the radio when disconnected from power. You must enter a special unlock code to get audio working again. Consult your owner’s manual for the radio code.
  • Stuck in mute – Check for a mute button or icon you can select to unmute the volume. Turning the car on and off or resetting the head unit may clear the mute.
  • Wrong input selected – Make sure the correct input mode such as FM radio, Bluetooth streaming, or auxiliary input is selected if switching between sources.
  • Balance/fade settings – Check that audio balance and fader settings are centered and not skewed fully to one side. This can direct sound to only some speakers.

Problems with the head unit itself will likely require repair or replacement. But try the above troubleshooting steps first before assuming the stereo is beyond help.

Isolate Front, Rear, and Subwoofer Problems

figuring out why your Honda Accord speakers aren’t working, it helps to isolate specific speaker issues. Follow these tips to pinpoint if fronts, rears, or a subwoofer are malfunctioning:

Front speakers not working – Balance audio all the way to the front. If rears work but fronts don’t, inspect front speaker wiring for issues.

Rear speakers not working – Fade audio all the way to the rear. If fronts work but rears don’t, check rear speaker connections.

Subwoofer not working – Turn off fader and balance adjustments. If main speakers work but the subwoofer doesn’t, verify if it has power and signal.

Testing individual speakers this way provides clues as to where the problem may lie. Then you can better direct troubleshooting steps. Getting all speakers operational again should be possible by methodically isolating and fixing issues.

Inspect the Speakers

If you’ve verified fuses, wiring, and settings are okay, its possible the Honda Accord speakers themselves have failed. Removing the door panel or interior trim gives you access to inspect each speaker visually. Look for:

  • Ripped or detached speaker cones – This usually requires replacement of the damaged speaker.
  • Punctured or bent speaker surround – Surrounds seal the speaker cone and can tear over time.
  • Corroded or burnt voice coils – Exposure to moisture or excessive volume can damage voice coils.
  • Magnet coming unglued from the frame – This causes the speaker to rattle and perform poorly.

Testing speakers typically requires a multimeter to check impedance. If in doubt, seek help from an experienced car audio installer to properly diagnose bad speakers. A single damaged speaker can stop sound from coming through.

Troubleshoot Intermittent Speaker Issues

In some cases, your Honda Accord’s speakers may cut out intermittently instead of not working at all. This can be even more frustrating to resolve. Some common causes include:

  • Loose wiring that only makes contact when it vibrates a certain way
  • Failing amplifier or stereo that works initially but overheats after some time
  • Shorts in the wiring harness that only act up under specific conditions
  • Bad grounds or power connections that only reveal themselves as equipment warms up

Intermittent issues take patience to isolate. The key is trying to reproduce the exact conditions that cause the problem. Pay attention to details like how long it takes to happen, temperature, vehicle speed, etc. Meticulous troubleshooting is needed to pinpoint the root cause.

Professional diagnosis may be recommended to locate gremlins causing intermittent speaker operation. But with diligence and testing, you can troubleshoot the issue in your Honda Accord.

When to Call a Professional

While many speaker problems can be addressed with DIY troubleshooting, some situations call for a professional:

  • You lack the technical skill or tools to perform electrical testing and repairs
  • The issue persists after trying all standard troubleshooting steps
  • Intermittent problems arise that are difficult to reproduce and isolate
  • Repairs require taking apart major vehicle components like the dashboard or doors
  • Additional accessories like satellite radio, external amps, or navigation are involved

Mobile electronics installers have advanced diagnostics tools and technical expertise. They can efficiently track down issues in complex audio systems. For difficult or involved issues with your Honda Accord’s sound, professional help can be money well spent.

Preventing Future Speaker Problems

Once you’ve solved your Honda Accord speaker not working issues, here are some tips to help avoid future problems:

  • Keep the stereo volume moderate to avoid overdriving the speakers
  • Maintain battery connections to provide clean power to the audio system
  • Protect speakers and wiring from moisture damage
  • Have wiring inspected periodically for deterioration under hood insulation
  • Avoid cable damage when working around speakers and subwoofers
  • Install protection circuits like fusing on amplifier outputs

Following preventive maintenance and being careful during repairs will give your Honda Accord stereo the best chance of providing years of listening enjoyment. Quickly addressing any new speaker issues as they arise will help as well.


Having your Honda Accord speakers suddenly stop working as you drive along can certainly be an annoyance. But in most instances, the cause is something relatively simple like a blown fuse or wiring issue. Methodically troubleshooting fuses, wires, amplifiers, and settings will reveal the problem. Isolating front, rear, and subwoofer problems speeds the diagnosis. In severe cases, professional repair may be needed. But with patience and diligence, you can likely get your Honda Accord audio system sounding like new again. Just take it step-by-step until your music is flowing from the speakers once more.


How Do You Reset The Sound System On A Honda Accord?

To reset the sound system on a Honda Accord, you can try a few steps:

  1. Turn the car completely off and take out the key.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the stereo for 10-15 seconds until it resets.
  3. Disconnect the negative battery cable for 5 minutes to do a hard reset.
  4. Consult your owner’s manual for any factory reset procedures.
  5. Use the stereo preset buttons to restore default settings.

Why Is There No Sound Coming From Car Speakers?

Common reasons for no sound from car speakers include:

  • Blown fuse for the stereo or amplifier
  • Loose, damaged, or disconnected speaker wiring
  • Issues with the head unit like being stuck in mute
  • Failure of the factory amplifier
  • Malfunctioning speakers
  • Incorrect balance/fade settings directed all sound to one side

Why Is My Radio Coming On But No Sound?

If your car radio powers on but has no sound, potential causes can include:

  • The system is muted – check for a mute button or menu option
  • Volume is turned down or improperly adjusted
  • Balance or fader settings are sending all audio to the rear or front only
  • Faulty wiring connection between stereo and speakers
  • Blown amplifier or speaker fuses
  • Issues with the stereo head unit itself
  • Failed amplifier not passing signal to speakers

Why Does My Car Stereo Have Power But No Sound?

When a car stereo has power but no sound, the issue typically lies in the wiring, settings, or components:

  • Loose or disconnected speaker wires not delivering signal -Incorrect source selected on head unit
  • Balance or fade setting problems sending sound only to some speakers
  • Blown fuse supplying power to stereo or amplifier
  • Failure of factory amplifier unit
  • Malfunctioning speakers or subwoofers
  • Stereo head unit audio signal or volume circuit failure

How Do You Unmute A Honda Accord Radio?

To unmute a honda accord radio:

  • Check for a mute button or setting icon to select and unmute
  • Turn off the radio completely and turn it back on
  • Press and hold the volume knob for 10+ seconds to reset the head unit
  • Disconnect battery briefly to reset electronic settings
  • Consult owner’s manual for unmuting instructions
  • Have Honda dealer reset radio if muting persists

Is There A Fuse For The Stereo?

Yes, there is typically a dedicated fuse for the car stereo system. In many cars it will be labeled as “RADIO” or “AUDIO.” The stereo fuse protects the head unit, amplifier, and speakers from electrical issues. Check the fuse box, often found under the dash or hood, for the specific fuse that powers the stereo.

Where Is The Radio Fuse For A 2012 Honda Accord?

On a 2012 Honda Accord, the radio fuse can be found in slot number 27 of the driver’s under-dash fuse box. It is typically a 7.5 amp fuse labeled as “AUDIO.” If the radio is not powering on or exhibiting other electrical issues, check this fuse first and replace it if necessary. The under-dash fuse box diagram in the owner’s manual will confirm the radio fuse location.

How Do You Unlock A Honda Accord Radio?

If your Honda Accord radio is locked and requesting a code, here are tips for unlocking it:

  • Enter the radio code using the preset buttons – this code is typically found in your owner’s manual or dealership service records
  • If you don’t have the code, you can obtain it by contacting a Honda dealer with your VIN
  • Use an aftermarket radio unlock service to extract the code from your car’s VIN number
  • In some cases, disconnecting the battery for an extended time can reset the radio lockout feature

Entering the correct radio code is the recommended way to get your locked Honda Accord radio fully functional again.

How Do I Reset My Head Unit Accord?

To reset a Honda Accord’s head unit stereo:

  • Press and hold the Power button for 10+ seconds until the unit reboots
  • Disconnect the battery terminals for 5 minutes to reset the head unit
  • Consult your owner’s manual for a factory reset procedure
  • Some models have a Reset button that can be pressed with a paperclip
  • Use the stereo presets and buttons to restore factory settings

Resetting the head unit can clear up issues like being stuck in mute, glitches, and error messages. Just be aware it may also reset saved presets and settings.

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