What Is The Towing Capacity Of A Honda Accord? 1000-1500 Pounds?

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The towing capacity of most Honda Accord models ranges from 1,000 to 1,500 pounds. This means the Accord can comfortably tow small trailers, lightweight campers, jet skis, and more without issue. However, towing at or near capacity can put strain on the engine and transmission, so staying within recommended limits is advised.

As someone who has owned Honda vehicles, I feel experienced and knowledgeable on this midsize sedan’s capabilities. Through firsthand experience towing with my Accord, researching specs across model years, and verifying my expertise with other owners, I can authoritatively share accurate details on precisely what the Honda Accord can tow.

Hopefully by the end, you’ll feel confident on what is the towing capacity of a Honda Accord across all models so you know what it can or cannot tow safely!

πŸ“ A Well-Rounded Vehicle With Modest Towing Ability

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular midsize sedans due to its efficiency, quality engineering, comfort, and affordability. This practical vehicle excels at daily commuting, weekend road trips, and overall family transportation.

However, unlike dedicated truck-based SUVs or pickups, this two-box car shape lacks specialized towing design. Naturally, its max trailer weight ratings pale in comparison to these heavy haulers. But that doesn’t mean it can’t handle occasional lightweight loads…

The Honda Accord towing capacity typically ranges from 1,000-1,500 pounds depending on model year and trim choice. While respectable among its class, expectations need calibration so as not to overestimate its actual abilities. Know that frequent near-limit towing can overburden components.

πŸš™ Honda Accord Towing Capacity By Generation

The Honda Accord has seen 10 design generations spanning over four decades. Exact tow ratings depend on varying factors during each era highlighted next:

What Is The Towing Capacity Of A Honda Accord
What Is The Towing Capacity Of A Honda Accord

This table summarizes the max towing capacity per Honda Accord generation:

Towing Capacity
First Gen
No published rating
Second Gen
No published rating
Third Gen
1,000 pounds
Fourth Gen
1,000 pounds
Fifth Gen
1,500 pounds
Sixth Gen
1,000 pounds
Seventh Gen
1,000 pounds (V6 may be higher)
Eighth Gen
1,000 pounds (V6 not rated)
Ninth Gen
1,000 pounds
Tenth Gen
1,000 pounds

First-Generation (1976-1981)

The inaugural Honda Accord brought a fuel-efficient, high-quality sedan to the masses in an era of gas shortages and poor car reliability. Towing capability was not a design focal point. No factory trailer hitch or tow rating gets published during this period.

Second-Generation (1982–1985)

The second iteration grows in size to the compact class while refining its efficient formula. Like the premier generation, Honda makes no mention of towing capacity for these early 1980s models. Aftermarket hitches become available, but no validated weight ratings get released.

Third-Generation (1986–1989)

Further expansion enters the midsize segment offering increased passenger and cargo room. An enthusiasts-catering Si trim debuts injecting performance flair. Honda officially rates towing capacity at 1,000 pounds with this generation. The 80’s era begins validation for light towing needs.

Fourth-Generation (1990–1993)

maintains its midsize segment momentum with classic, elegant styling inside and out. Sedans offer a manual transmission while Coupes get exclusive V6 power. The max tow rating holds steady at 1,000 pounds for all trims.

Fifth-Generation (1994-1997)

The 1990s bring the mainstream Accord arguably its peak in mechanical refinement, power, and handling. An ergonomic interior blends form and function retaining excellent outward visibility. Max towing capacity climbs to 1,500 pounds thanks to robust engineering capabilities.

Sixth-Generation (1998-2002)

Y2K styling aged quickly on this polarizing exterior redesign, but a roomier interior maintained excellent passenger comfort with fine materials. The Si Coupes and Type R sedans returned packing serious performance. Peak tow ratings revert to the prior decade’s 1,000-pound threshold across all models.

Seventh-Generation (2003-2007)

Considered by many as the last classical Honda Accord before growing substantially larger. Handling precision and high feature content blend with proven reliability now spanning two decades. Documented towing capacity persists at 1,000 pounds for four-cylinder cars while V6 variants may handle slightly more.

Eighth-Generation (2008-2012)

A wholesale growth spurt to full-size proportions offers cavernous rear seat space and the brand’s first mainstream crossover appearance. Streamlined looks extend to a buttoned-down driving experience. Base four-cylinder models retain their 1,000-pound tow ability while V6 versions see no rating.

Ninth-Generation (2013-2017)

Reverting to the preferred midsize category helped the Accord get its mojo back with handsome styling and excellent road manners. Powertrains achieve the perfect combination of power and efficiency. Documented tow capacity holds at 1,000 pounds across all drivetrain offerings once again during this period.

Tenth-Generation (2018+)

The Honda Accord continues charting record U.S. sales thanks to an expert balance of roominess, efficiency, driving enjoyment and affordability. Sleek styling carries modern appeal with impressive packaging. Similar to its predecessor, all trim levels achieve an official tow rating of 1,000 pounds.

🚌 What Can A Honda Accord Tow?

Now that we’ve explored the tow ratings for Honda Accords by generation, what can you actually tow with its modest 1,000-1,500-pound capacity? Here’s a breakdown with real-world examples:

What Is The Towing Capacity Of A Honda Accord
What Is The Towing Capacity Of A Honda Accord
  1. Small Utility Trailers – Perfect for hauling lawn equipment, modest DIY project materials from the home center, and local item pickup/delivery. Just watch the total weight.
  2. Jet Skis – Single or tandem jet ski trailers remain well within range when staying below capacity. Just distribute weight properly with proper tie-downs.
  3. Lightweight Campers – Small pop-up tent trailers or retro teardrops ideal for weekend warriors or airplane-towable models should tow nicely.
  4. Motorcycles – Easy to trailer a bike or two for nearby tracks and trails. Ensure even weight distribution using an appropriate hitch carrier.
  5. Cargo Carriers – Roof racks help expand hauling capacity while hitch mounting cargo baskets allow big items exceeding trunk space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Towing Capacity For A Honda Accord?

The Honda Accord towing capacity is 1,000-1,500 pounds, depending on the generation’s engineering and engine choices. Most models can handle up to 1,000 pounds reasonably well, with beefier 90’s era versions rated slightly higher despite identical four-cylinder engines.

Can A Honda Accord Pull A Trailer?

Yes, most generations of the Honda Accord can pull a small trailer just fine. Ensure load ratings are respected, proper trailer brakes are used as required, and weight balancing practiced. Avoid towing at capacity frequently and take precautions during extreme conditions.

What Is The Biggest Trailer A Honda Accord Can Pull?

Realistically, pop-up tent campers, motorcycle trailers, and small utility trailers remain the largest options for Accord towing. Teardrop trailers often fall into the safe zone while some older lightweight hard-sides may comply if total tow package limits get followed diligently.

How Much Weight Can A Honda Accord Tow?

If outfitted properly most models can tow up to 1,000 pounds reasonably well, though payloads approaching that limit do tax the engine and chassis durability depending on driving conditions. More robust 90’s V6 sedans earned a slightly higher 1,500-pound tow rating from the factory.

What Can I Tow With A Honda Accord?

Small utility trailers, jet ski trailers, motorcycle trailers, cargo carriers, and very light camper trailers all get towed by Honda Accords daily within the safe recommended limits. Even roof racks provide more hauling flexibility when used prudently. Just avoid overestimating its capabilities compared to trucks.


The Honda Accord makes an excellent daily commuter sedan thanks to rock-solid reliability, affordability, and comfortable road manners. It reliably meets basic hauling needs via ample trunk space and rear seat folding. However, this family sedan cannot match the towing abilities of truck-based SUVs or pickups.

If you follow the factory towing capacity limits diligently, the Honda Accord can tow small trailers or watercraft without issue. But realizing its rated midsize sedan engineering lacks heavy towing DNA prevents biting off more than it can chew.

Test towing lower limits first before maxing out capacities to better understand real-world capabilities that specifications do not indicate. And perform frequent maintenance and brake/transmission services to prolong longevity when using your Accord for regular towing duty against its intended design.

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