How To Reset Oil Life In Honda Accord?

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The most important thing to know when wanting to reset the oil life in your Honda Accord is that there are three main methods you can use, depending on the model year of your vehicle:

  1. Using the SELECT/RESET button (works for most models before 2017)
  2. Using the steering wheel controls (works for most models after 2017)
  3. Using the center console (works for most models after 2017)

By turning your car to the “RUN” or “II” position, you can access the settings to reset your Honda Accord’s oil life. It’s simplest to use the SELECT/RESET button if your Accord is an older model. For newer Accords, use either the left-side steering wheel controls or the interactive center console display to find the oil life reset option.

Resetting the oil life is crucial to keep your Accord running smoothly and alert you when your next oil change is due. So read on below to learn the ins and outs of the easy process! 🚗

Step-By-Step Instructions To Reset Oil Life In Honda Accord

Using the SELECT/RESET Button

For Honda Accords built before 2017, you’ll likely need to use the SELECT/RESET button located on your dashboard to reset oil life:

🚙 Turn your car to the “RUN” or “II” position, but do not start the engine

🚙 Press the “SELECT/RESET” button repeatedly until “Oil Life” appears on your dashboard

🚙 Hold the SELECT/RESET button down for 10 full seconds until “Oil Life” starts flashing

🚙 Let go, then press and hold again until the oil life resets back to 100%

And that’s it! This method works well for getting the oil life in older Accord models back to normal in just a few seconds.

Using the Steering Wheel Controls

If you have a newer Honda Accord built after 2017, chances are you’ll need to use the left-side steering wheel controls instead of the SELECT/RESET button. Here is what to do:

How To Reset Oil Life In Honda Accord
How To Reset Oil Life In Honda Accord

🚗 Turn on your Accord’s power by turning the key or pressing the start button twice without your foot on the brake

🚗 Locate the “Home” and scroll wheel buttons on the left side of the steering wheel

🚗 Press “Home,” then scroll to and select “Maintenance.”

🚗 Scroll down to “Item A Only” (which refers to oil life) and select it to reset

This allows you to quickly reset the oil life to 100% without having to search through complex menus. The steering wheel offers the most direct path to find the reset option.

Using the Center Console

Finally, for the newest Honda Accord models with large center console displays, here is how to reset oil life:

🚕 Turn on your Accord’s power to “RUN” or “II” by pressing the start button twice or turning the key without starting the engine

🚕 Press “Home” then select “Settings” and “Vehicle.”

🚕 Scroll down and choose “Maintenance Info” then “Select Reset Items”

🚕 Select “Engine Oil” from the reset list and confirm to reset oil life to 100%

While it may take an extra step or two compared to the steering wheel method, the vibrant center console makes resetting oil life in modern Accords highly visual and straightforward.

Why Reset Oil Life?

Now you know how to reset oil life in your Honda Accord, but you may be wondering why it’s important to do so in the first place. Here are some key reasons:

How To Reset Oil Life In Honda Accord
How To Reset Oil Life In Honda Accord

💡 Resetting the oil life meter or indicator after an oil change allows your Accord to accurately calculate when your next oil service is due based on your driving habits.

💡 It ensures you don’t miss critical oil change intervals, which could lead to engine wear and tear over time.

💡 The oil life display alerting you to get an oil change is your Accord’s way of preventing engine damage and breakdowns.

💡 Resetting keeps everything working smoothly under the hood by syncing your Accord’s computer back to factory-recommended oil change intervals.

So, in short, consistently resetting the oil life percentage is crucial for keeping your engine happy and your Accord running optimally. Don’t skip this important step!

Tips for Resetting Honda Accord Oil Life

When you go to reset your Accord’s oil life meter or display, keep these handy tips in mind for smooth sailing:

✔️ Always turn your car to the “RUN” or “II” position to access the settings, but do not start the engine

✔️ If you have a push-button start, press the button twice without your foot on the brake

✔️ Locate your Accord’s year and model-specific reset button, whether that’s the dashboard, steering wheel, or center console

✔️ Hold buttons down for the appropriate duration (usually 10+ seconds) until the display resets

✔️ You may need to toggle between menus or screens to find the oil life reset option

✔️ Consult your owner’s manual if you have difficulty finding the correct reset process

✔️ Consider having your Honda dealer reset oil life if you ever bring your Accord in for service

Keeping these tips in mind makes smoothly resetting your oil life after an at-home oil change or service a breeze.


Does Oil Life Reset Automatically?

Unfortunately, no – you need to manually reset oil life through the reset menus. The oil life percentage will not automatically go back to 100% after an oil service.

Do Hondas Have Oil Change Reminders?

Yes, all modern Hondas, including the Accord, display an oil change reminder through a Maintenance Minder and Oil Life percentage. This alerts you when an oil service is due.

What Happens If I Don’t Reset Oil Life?

If you don’t reset oil life after a service, your Accord will not accurately calculate the next required oil change interval. This could lead to engine issues over time.

How Often Should Oil Life Be Reset?

You should reset the oil life every single time the oil is changed in your Accord. This ensures you get a new countdown to the next oil change based on your driving habits.

Can I Reset Oil Life Myself?

Absolutely – the above instructions detail the simple process to reset the Honda Accord oil life yourself using the button, steering wheel controls, or touchscreen console, depending on your model year.

Final Words

Resetting the oil life is fast and easy when armed with the step-by-step process in this guide. Consult your owner’s manual or Honda dealer for any other questions.

Now enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly how to maintain your Accord’s engine and keep it purring for years to come!

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